The mysterious figures of Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy...ever heard about it? Yes? Maybe? Maybe not at all? If you do, I have another scary and strange thing I have to tell you, and it's shocking! I don't think people have discovered this, so PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY. This is about the mysterious figures of Shiverburn Galaxy, sometimes called "Hell Valley Sky Trees", involving with something creepy


"BeyondHellValley" is another name for Shiverburn Galaxy due to the game's files, where the mysterious figures inhabit the area. The figures are also called "HellValleySkyTrees" as well which, again, due to name of the game's files. A GoNintendo reader named "Grrrrtacos" hacked into the game's files, which he found these files mentioned above. Then he posted pictures of the "SkyTrees" with a different sky texture. This creepypasta is real, obviously, and some may still be researching about this.thumb|link=

To learn more about "BeyondHellValley", read the creepypasta wikia article by clicking the link here:[Beyond Hell Valley article, at Creepypasta Wiki]

The Discovery: Above the "Sky Trees"Edit

I was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the night while my brother and cousin were watching. When I couldn't complete a galaxy, I said to both of them, "Hey, wanna check out the figures in Shiverburn Galaxy?"

They said "Sure."

So I went to the galaxy. Once there, I entered first-person view. We all looked at the three creatures atop the mountain, while hearing the chilling-music of Shiverburn Galaxy. We just sat there, chilling and resting, staring at them where they stare at us.

Then I went a little closer to the edge of the platform. I re-entered first person view and moved the first-person camera a little bit further than usual. What we saw freaked all of us.

There were 2 separate eyes above the heads of the 2 figures, and another 2 pair of eyes above the far-distanced figure.

Abovetheskytrees eyes in the sky

Eyes seen above the two mysterious figures.

But not just that, the 2 first eyes mentioned in the 5th paragraph were rectangular.

We had to tell our other cousin (who is interested in these stories and myths) a few days after this happened.

But we haven't told anyone else nearby who knows about Super Mario Galaxy 2, Shiverburn Galaxy, or the figures.

Spread the word, not the rumorEdit

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