Finn.exe (Finn and Jake Investigations creepypasta) It was a day like any other, I was drawing and watching youtube, when  he doorbell rang. DING-DONG! "Weird, I haven't bought anything on amazon yet.." I said to myself. I opened the box, and inside WAS MY OWN XBOX!! Dad and I went into my room to set it up. It took a long time, but it was still daytime by the time he finished. When I opened it up, it included a somehow promoted video game: Finn and Jake Investigations: Full Game. "That's cool! I like Adventure Time!" I said to myself. When I opened the game, everything seemed normal, but after the intro, everything turned crimson red for a split second. There was a 8-bit character select like in Sonic 1, in front of a static screen from FNaF. "Is this like, hacked or something?" I asked myself. "Because there's something FISHY goin'on here!" The characters in the character select were Jake, BMO, and a mystery character, but two were locked, so Jake was the only one for me to choose. I chose Jake, and for a split second, the screen flashed. I was in an 8-bit version of the Grasslands, with a 8-bit version of The Living Tombstone's FNaF 2 song. I just started to wander around, since that's what you're supposed to do in these sorta games. The map was actually super accurate, because when I walked far enough, I reached the Ice Kingdom. Finn was building a snowman-(No Frozen puns intended) and when I stood in front of him, he sneered at me, slowly. The camera zoomed in to him. Then Finn's eyes directed to me, he widened his eyeSs, and for a split second, Finn looked JUST LIKE Sonic.exe. There was static. Turquoise text appeared in a creepy font: "Now that I've found you, let's play a lil' something..."​ The text said. "Ohhh, this is one of those exe games, isn't it?" I asked myself. "Ohhh nooo, am I gonna get killed by FINN?" I mocked the game. Then I won a trophy called: "H0W DARE U!?!" "How does that thing hear my voice!?!" I exclaimed. Then, screams were heard. Then I was brung back to the character select. Jake had been exe-ified. But the good news was BMO was unlocked! I chose BMO, and the same beginning happened. I was in a sorta Fire Kingdom. I wandered into the castle, and instead of Fire King on the throne, FINN.EXE WAS! The same thing happened, but with a newspaper font and different words: H E Y  H E Y  H E Y . . . " With audio from Then he said the next line in the video-"What I tell 'yall about comin' IN MAH SHED!?!" The screen went black with more screams. Once again, I was sent back to the character select. BMO was also exe-ified. All that was left was the mystery character. Under the question mark, There was an ad that said: Who's the mystery character? Click here to find out! I know, you should never click on pop-up ads, but I wanted to know who the mystery character was, so I clicked it anyway. Then, it had a pictue of a blank face that said "Your face here". "Wait-WHAT!?!" I was terrified, but also dumbfounded. Then, I got sucked into the game!! And the prediction from earlyer was TRUE. Yep. That's it. That's all. Hey, what are you still doing here? The creepypasta's over! 

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