(For those of you who dont know, The Chamber of Emptiness is a location in the Pokemon games: Pokemon X Version, and Pokemon Y Version.)

 In Kalos, its always been rumored that a cave known as the Chamber of Emptiness, was a cursed place where no being could live. It almost seemed as a void, is what I hear. Its also been rumored that a mysterious aura circles the area, even Pokemon like Lucario couldn't define its owner. And from what I hear, the aura can cause Pokemon to go haywire and attack their trainers. Not only was this bizarre, but it sparked my curiosity. I'm a Pokemon Trainer, you see, one who has been known for his actions to save Kalos from the once-threatning Team Flare, who nearly wiped the planet to a clean slate with the ultimate weapon, I defeated their leader, Lysandre, after the legendary pokemon, Yvental awoke from its eternal slumber. But thats enough lore, on to the happenings at the Chamber of Emptiness.

It was so dark...and so cold, I could barley feel myself move. My trusty Delphox was creating a light source, but we both knew that it wouldn't suffice for the rest of the exploration. The only sound was the sound of water hitting the caves surface. It was just as they said....not a thing could live there. There were no Pokemon except Delphox and the ones I was carrying. The cave was so strange, no curves, no cliffs, or ledges...just a flat surface. There was also the eerie feeling of being watched circling around me, mocking me. But I kept in mind that there was no possible way for Pokemon to survive in the harsh cold without a source of heat. I proceeded deeper and deeper into the chamber, and the deeper I went, the more the feeling of being watched grew, like a swelling bruise, It was growing larger with every step I took. 

I thought I was loosing my sanity, because I began to hear sounds other than the water sliding off the cave's ceiling. It was a voice, which seemed to be calling to someone. After stopping for at least ten minutes, I found out what it was saying, it was repeating "Come closer. Come closer. Come closer." I began to turn back to see a figure standing there, it was no doubt a phantom, it looked like a young girl, she was glowing, a shade of cyan. She looked up at me, her face was mutalated, absolutely deranged, I couldnt get enough of a look before I passed out. From then on...I was stuck in a nightmare.....forever.