dark an eevee everyone else thought he was weird he only went out at dusk and always missed dinner he knew it was a problem but something called him no pulled him to the nights moon one friend he had came out too but was not an eevee but an enemy of eevees a larvitar the eevees had a battle with tyranitars in the past pokemon had wars like trainers but anyways every single night outdoors with his only friend until the day his friend died a tear dropped from his eyes when he though of it she had not made it through evolution because a pokemon not seen by eevees had crashed on her mewtwo a heartless monster dark promised when he evolved he would kill mewtwo eventually he did evolve he went to mewtwos cave many pokemon had lost their lives to mewtwo he continued he found mewtwo dark had been an umbreon for a while now but dark couldn't beat mewtwo he left scared and hungry dark had heard mewtwos words I will come back for you and dark went home and found mewtwo in his home dark had lost he was on the floor dead like his friend he had loved his friend but mewtwo loved no one