Mario i played all of the games besides the first one.I never found a copy and had the right console.Thinking about i nearly went to gamestop to get a copy.Later that day i walked on the sidewalk and a man stood there holding mario but changed to m-r-o a and i scratched out i didnt care. Well i didnt then i put the game in praying it wasnt a rom hack.A green line through the screen made me have scond thoughts and the theme was played bacwards the levels enemys were sqiushed already and at the end of the level luigi had made my game go black.I came to my nes the next day and i was in world 888888888888888-1111111111111111 probaly a glitch or it realy was a hack keep playing a voice said i didnt never did i lose a life.I fought bowser and won and the words on the screen horrfied me mario and adam you shall be my next victim. what how did she know my name and what was so scary about toadstool?!?!Oh adam you dont understand luigi isnt alive bowser isnt alive and soon you wont either i tried to escape her but i just keep hearing you are in the game now you are in the game now who was your victim i siad mario all of these people in the game are my victim and  now you are adam or should i call you by your gamer tag toad.