Masks are my favorite things to make. The lovely colors and invigorating process that it takes to craft them. They bring joy and wonder, as well as fear. I travel the world making and collecting these wonderfully crafted masks. Ah, how my heart sings when I think back on their first days, and the horror and fear I caused in their creation. Oh, how they pleaded and begged for their lives, but only there faces would work. Only their faces would be worth adding to my collection. So when their time came I gave them what they begged for, and my collection grew. Yes, my special healing song ended all of their pain and gave me something to smile even wider about. But now alas, my smile has faded, for that little imp has taken what was most precious to me! But look, a boy? Turned to...luck may still be in my favor...he may be able to help..."You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

(Authors note: First posted on the wiki but I'll have more on the way, if you could comment telling me how it was it would be much appreciated.)