Mystery Mysterio is a gameboy game from 1996, it's about 5 teenagers that have to work as house keepers at a hotel for money, you get money, eat lunch, talk to people, seems innocent right?... wrong! after you beat the game you unlock a secret room, it's called Room 13, when you unlock the room, you get to go into it, after you go into it, it looks like a very nice and normal room, until the lighting flashes, then everything changes, the room looks all bloody and theirs text on the wall that says "You Can't Save Them" and at the bottom of that text it says "4 of the are dead, and you're next" after that the room changes, it now looks like a dark hallway but at theirs a light at the end of the darkness, after you walk down the dark hall, you end up in a plain white room, then suddenly you see a crying girl in the corning of the room, after you walk over to her, you see her face... She has a hockey mask on, similar to the one Jason Voorhess wears, Then suddenly her ugly creepy face pops out of the hockey mask and she screams loudly, then the game goes black a giant bloody text comes up, it says "YOUR NEXT" below the text is your characters body laying on the ground dead!

After people found this the game was taken off store shelves, never to be played again, the game is no where to be found... not Ebay, Amazon, no where...

The guy who played the game in the story, refuses to give details about it, but he told us it was real.... and if another person finds this game and plays it, he says they will be cursed with a deathly ghost.... the ghost of the hockey mask girl. THE END!