Hi.My name is Nammoon.Something...Traumatizing happened to me a few weeks ago.This is what happened.

It was 18:30 pm,and I was doing my usual of playing Fortnite on my beloved Ps4 with my friends,Kymon and Peem.We were plaing a squad match,and we were joking around,as usual.We were playing for a few minutes,until something...strange happened.Peem was knocked,and his mic started going crazy.All we could hear was the words,help,here,and shit..He was eventually killed,and he went afk right away.We called out to him,but he wouldn't respond.He was killed by someone named...'DeathREAPeR.We went to where he died,and instead of his stuff lying there,there was a corpse?There were scars and holes with blood coming out of his wukong skin.Me and Kymon started freaking out,and we shouted,What the Fuck!?.We thought Peem was joking around,but we then heard a laugh,an ear piercing scream,and then Peem just went offline.Kymon started hyperventilating,and he kept repeating,This isn't real.This isn't real.I told him to calm down,and he replied with a trembling voice,I don't want to die,dudeI heard a scream,and He went offline.A blood-curdling scream blasted into my ears and I took my headset off IMMEDIATELY.A live video appeared,and I was shocked to see what was on the screen.It was me,holding my controller,sitting on the couch,trembling in fear.then it switched to my friends houses,and bloody hands going inside the disc slot.The screen had a picture of cracked glass,and I unplugged everything immidiately.I turned my PS4 on again,and instead of the normal blue light,it had a blood-red LED light.My screen had a picture of a pentagram instead of the PS logo.I was supposed to be taken to a choose user screen,but instead I was at the home screen there was no wallpaper,just a red screen with 2 options as games.The games icons had the words NO ESCAPE on each icon.I selected the icon with the word escape and a loading screen with the words Death is a wonderful thing,ain't it. come up.And then,there was a picture with millions of dead bodies.One last high-pitched scream came through the speakers,and I unplugged everything,immidiately.i carried the ps4,put it in a boxwith all of its accesories,and sold it on ebay.After few weeks,I sold the ps4 and got a few thousand bucks off of it.

So if your friend goes afk,proceed with caution.It might be the end for all of you people.I think i'm just going to switch to PC now.

(p.s this is my first pasta,please don't go too hard on me.)