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( i think...)

I was watching Vester&Friends and i loved his videos and his gaming video too with shadow the gamer but i was going to go to bed but i saw a new video on Vester&Friends YouTube channel and it said "THE KILL"

it was 12am but i clicked the video because it sounds cool but the intro shows up and it sounds creepy and a flashing red screen says "IT'S GHOST VESTER!"

then vester come out from the box then blue yoshi and everyone goes to vester and toad shoots vester and the video is 1 hour long but vester is bleeding and turning in to Ghost Vester and at 18:33 a seizure started and Ghost Vester is killing everyone and ripping blue yoshi's guts out and pulling the heart from shadow the gamer AND bowser jr's brain was pulled out of his head

and the worst part is i can not close my browser

and i can not force my computer to shut down

i pull the power cable from the outlet but nothing happened so i just started watching again

then a loud creepy music starts playing and you see Ghost Vester's face but 30 seconds later my computer crashed with the word " IT'S NOT OVER YET!?!?!"

then the lights turned off but i saw a note that says READ ME on the front

the note said "!@%&$*#*($$(#*$(# *^%($){"?{":$ $ $###(@(*$%&*$#$(#((##()!

but the translated version of the note says "GO TO THE BATHROOM AND SAY VESTER IS DEAD! THREE TIMES!!!

so the guy said VESTER IS DEAD! three times and a gas figure appeared and vester's face is on it and he says "IT"S TIME TO DIE!"

then he smashed the windows in the bathroom

he starts crying

then he shoot his head five times and the TV is turned on and the computer is on too

but the only thing found on the scene was a vester plush with blood on it's face and a bloody knife


2015 GreenKirby1

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